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optical-Web-Tension-Profile-Scanner — oWTP-Scanner

Quality sign web tension profile

The flatness of plastic films is a distinctive sign for the quality of further processing on your machine. The quality of the product to be produced is dependent on the web tension distribution. The more even the web tension distribution, the higher is the quality and therefore the processing ability of your foil.

Non-contact measuring method

An optically measuring method was developed and patented for the determination of web tension profile. This measuring method is able to record data without physical contact between web and measuring device by detecting position and shape of the roll-off edge on a film roll.

Immediate display of the web tension profile

By the inline measuring web tension distribution the web tension profile can be displayed immediately on the screen of the measurement device. The measuring values are stored away and are available therefore to later analyses.

Roll-off edge foil diagramm

Your benefits

With the oWTP scanner you are able to protect the quality of your product: flatness deviations are detected inline. By inspecting goods before despatching foil manufacturing companies can prove only appropriate quality products are leaving. As an incoming goods control for foil processing companies you can check whether you got products delivered which are appropriate for quality.